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PHYSIOLAB - help manage your pain and reduce swelling

Mr Jeremy Granville-Chapman is working with PHYSIOLAB, a medical devices company who supply rental units to help with swelling and pain management for shoulder injuries and conditions such as rotator cuff injuries.

These rental units use cryotherapy (cold therapy) which benefit you threefold:

1. Pain management; PHYSIOLAB provides a natural way to manage pain, meaning you can minimise the use of pain relief medication and their unwanted side effects, while being able to complete your physio exercises, before and after surgery.

2. Swelling reduction; early reduction in swelling enables you to regain range of movement faster in post-op cases.

3. Fast rehabilitation; due to improvement pain management and reduction of swelling, you can begin your rehabilitation at a much earlier stage.

PHYSIOLAB offer rental units to use at home to enable you to continue your recovery and rehabilitation once you've been discharged from hospital.

The price for 4 weeks rental is £330, which includes the unit, therapy cuff of choice, delivery and collection and full customer support. Windsor Upper Limb patients are entitled to £25 off your entering code WINDSORUPPER25 at checkout.

For more information please refer to this Windsor Upper Limb Rental leaflet or go to their website