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Dominique's hand function restored after wide awake surgery with Mr Granville-Chapman

Dominique has made a great recovery after having carpel tunnel and tendon release awake surgery with Mr Jeremy Granville-Chapman at BMI The Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH).

In June 2019, 34-year-old Dominique, a Sales and Marketing Manager for BMI Healthcare, was in a meeting at work when she felt her wrist click and she experienced this almighty pain.

She went to A&E and was referred to the NHS Plastic Surgery service to see a hand and wrist consultant. She had steroid injections, multiple tests including nerve conduction tests and her arm was put in a cast for a few weeks. Dominique was off work for a fortnight.

Dominique said, “Apparently I have hyper-mobility which means that my joints always click and move more than they should.”

Dominique could not move her wrist joint and was in a lot of pain doing simple tasks – one of the hardest things was opening a can of beans for her son!

In January 2020, Dominique decided to use her work private medical insurance and see Mr Granville-Chapman. He looked in detail at all the tests and made a rapid diagnosis of carpel tunnel syndrome and tendon sheath inflammation.  

Dominique said: “Mr Granville-Chapman was very friendly and knowledgeable. He is very calming and puts you at ease straightaway”.

Dominique was booked in for surgery in the second week of March – luckily just before lockdown.

Under only a local anaesthetic, Dominique had wide awake surgery - so she was sitting up whilst the surgery was taking place. Mr Granville-Chapman was extremely calm throughout talking her through each step of the surgery.

Dominique was in recovery for about 20 minutes and within two hours she was allowed home. Dominique was given exercises to do when she got home and she also had physio face-to-face and virtually for a few times with Emma, the PMH hand therapist.

Within 6 weeks, Dominique was feeling much better and by the end of May she had resumed her energetic Courtney Black HIIT classes five times a week.

Dominique commented, “Working at The Princess Margaret Hospital it felt very strange being the patient, but the nurses, Mr Granville-Chapman and the entire clinical team made me feel so relaxed and comfortable – they were all just brilliant.” 

Dominique concluded “I would like to say a huge thank you to Mr Granville-Chapman – my hand is now 95% back to normal function and it’s so reassuring being able to do exercise and my daily routine tasks once again. And just to add, if you are unsure of what is wrong with your hand, wrist or shoulder, don’t hesitate to get checked out by Mr Granville-Chapman.”